70%’s same old rhetoric: no one can govern Singapore other than the PAP

Ever wondered why it is so hard to get into the thick skulls of the 70%’s? It could all boil down to one thing: their insistence that no one can govern Singapore other than the PAP.

After years of indoctrination without alternative education, with 100% state media control, and 100% silencing of the Opposition, they are made to believe that PAP is God, or that those in power are like Gods, and cannot be wrong.

Hence, even in the face of truths like the evils of LHL, Shanmugam, etc., they unwittingly tilt biasly towards the ruling Lee, instead of the victimised Lees.

Quoting Asian values, stability of the country and what not, actually it all boils down to one thing that is not as noble – blind loyalty and obedience towards the ruling PAP.

Also read this interesting commentary on why the strawberry generation votes for the PAP.


Strawberry generation supporters of the PAP



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