SDP’s Salim Harun: Will we see a breakthrough for the Opp with East-West-North attack?

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock just announced his ‘re-entry’ into politics today, forming the new Progress Singapore Party.

SDP member and vocal facebook commentator, Abdul Salim Harun expresses excitement at the new revelation, asking if we would ‘be able to see a breakthrough for the Opposition parties in the coming GE’ now that Dr Tan and his team is likely to contest in “the west side area and causing a dent to the PAP monopoly there,” while “WP focus on the East, SDP on the North.”

He says the coming elections would be an ‘interesting’ one to watch.




‘Keep it coming, LHY’: Singaporeans stand with Lee Hsien Yang against the PM they no longer want


With the AGC’s recent action against Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, Mrs Lee Suet Fern, and the ‘warnings’ against saying anything ‘while investigations are proceeding’, both Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang have not stopped short of posting one post each on their respective Facebook pages.

Wei Ling tells the public that the AGC’s actions and accusations are a ‘repeat’ of what the current AG, as Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer before he became AG then, has alleged, while Hsien Yang questioned the timing of the AGC’s action now, “when the facts were known by all parties for years,” adding that “if Hsien Loong has a problem with our father’s will, he should have lodged a complaint as a private citizen,” instead of “wast(ing) public resources”.

Both posts have been liked more than a thousand times, and shared more than 500 times.

On Hsien Yang’s post, many even gave encouraging words urging him to ‘keep it coming’, with many saying they ‘don’t want such a PM anymore’ and that ‘this coming GE definitely he lost 5 votes, not counting friends and supporters who swing votes.’ 


Lee Hsien Yang’s post is here:

Lee Wei Ling’s one here:



Singaporeans vehemently reject Singpost’s Facebook ‘apology’

So Singpost, the ‘privatised’ Singapore letter delivery service, posted a ‘sorry for the inconvenience and hardship caused’ message on FB yesterday. It started out with saying “it would be fair to state, that we have failed to live up to expectations, in recent times,” and that “we would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the background for this service deterioration.”

But short of taking ownership and responsibility as a company, it goes on to throw all the blame on ground crew: “Being in the service industry, we depend on our frontline staff members to provide the best experiences for our customers and inevitably, there will be employees who may not act in the best interests of the company.”

Commenters on the post were less than friendly, with many sharing their own experiences and a large number calling on Singpost to ‘stop your nonsense and lies’, and chiding it for ‘not taking ownership’ and wrongly blaming on-the-ground deliverymen who are pushed with ‘impossible delivery timelines’.

Many have also said they have thoroughly given up trust in its services and are using other services like DHL instead.

Look what some commenters on the post shared and revealed about the company and its services:

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singpost 2singpost 3singpost 4singpost 5

You can view Singpost’s post here:

Opinion | We must appreciate what we have in Singapore


I think much has been said about how the government shortchanges us, and punishes us in so many ways. I have been an Opposition voter and supporter all my life, but I still give credit to the PAP government when it is due.

Working in the ministry, I can see that the govt is indeed trying its best to make the best policies to solve on-the-ground problems. Sometimes, perhaps, it is the disconnection between the top echelons of power, and the ones taking orders below. Some get disoriented, or misunderstand upper orders, while some others have their own selfish agendas, and misdo what was a good policy from above.

We should not put all the blame on the higher-ups. I know it is the easy thing to do so, as they are in positions of power anyway. But sometimes, they really have our best interests at heart and really want to solve issues. But down below, those who take orders, and most importantly, society at large does not understand, or work with the government to solve issues and make things happen. One needs to understand it is not easy being a leader on top, with responsibilities and decisions to make that can sway people’s hearts and affect policy effectiveness.

From my frequent communication within the civil service, I also understand that Singapore is in a very precarious position, being caught in the midst of global China-US tensions and relations with Malaysia and Indonesia. While it is probably due to some leaders’ stupidity at screwing up our diplomacy with China, I think we needed to balance between China and the US, as has been the case all along as a small nation in a big world, thus I wouldn’t completely fault Lee Hsien Loong for his stance against China. Moreover, with Mahathir back in power in Malaysia, the inevitability of war gets up-ed a few notches and we must always be vigilant and not take things lightly or for granted.

I know there is some talk, even within inner circles, of opaqueness in our nation’s funds and all. But well, all I can say is, it probably would cost us too much to lose it all, by attempting to ‘right the wrong’. If war breaks out, some elites may escape, and we citizens become the biggest losers, not them. So I implore Singaporeans to protect and defend this land at all costs, even if it means accepting some atrocities which we have no proof of. I do take pity on our political leadership sometimes as it is not easy to govern our land in such turbulent times, and amidst growing social media discourse of free-flowing debate and ideas, some of which ‘complain for the sake of complaining’ and are not constructive.

I think as long as the government can still provide Singaporeans with food on the table, clean water and decent jobs, there would not be revolt. I do not believe in a change of government, although I agree that Opposition presence in Parliament is necessary and essential and we should not let one party run all the show. Some consultation and airing of alternative suggestions should be allowed.

However, we must also bear in mind that what we have and enjoy now did not come easy. We have what we have today because of the careful and painful, albeit sometimes undemocratic work, put in by our leaders. I think our earlier leaders and even our current ones, are working their heads out thinking of ways to make the country better. Sure, there can be cock-ups here and there, but I think generally everything is in order. Therefore, we should still give it the support where necessary and be united as one in this chaotic age and time.


The New Era does not agree with the stance by the above writer, but would like to open the ideas raised for discussion.

PAP-sympathiser: Singaporeans are severely shortchanged


Photo: ST file

I feel that Singaporeans are heavily shortchanged because we pay so much more for so much less in return.

Malaysians get to live in huge bungalows and I can buy a condo unit there at a fraction of a less nice HDB unit in Singapore.

Also, resources are abundant in other places, unlike in Singapore where everything is limited and expensive.

We are indeed having a much lower standard of living compared to our counterparts overseas.

However, I think the government is not to blame because they are already doing a lot to help. We just have fewer resources at the onset and due to our nature as a tiny city-state.

I don’t believe in change of government either, because it may lead to chaos like in other countries. Systems are broken and difficult, and they are not solving the people’s issues even with ‘democracy’.

I think as long as the party in power is good, there is no point in changing it. I rather support and put all talents into one basket, than dilute it by spreading to other parties, who will then fight for their own agendas. The country doesn’t benefit from them.


The views expressed above are the writer’s own and do not in any way represent The New Era’s position. In fact, this piece was shared as a negative example of how to look at issues.

Opinion | ‘Daft’ is too nice a word for what we have here

Enough of using “Singaporeans are daft” as an excuse for PAP’s continued winning streak.

Malaysians are smarter? Looking at their comments lately, one begs to differ. It would take a few more years at least for the daftness left behind by Najib to be cleansed.

Taiwanese are smarter? They similarly went through white terror under the KMT and most people back then supported the dictator Chiang Kai-shek – what’s new and what’s special? Today they are smarter? Voted for a Tsai Ing-wen whom they now want to oust? Easily hoodwinked by rhetoric from both sides?

Chinese are smarter? Don’t even get me started. Who endured years and years of imperial rule proclaiming: “The Emporer owns everything” and “the Emporer is chosen by Heaven”?

Americans are smarter? They elected Obama, got carried away by his sweet talk-no action. And then they chose Trump – although I must say they are bold, and I respect them. Call them daft, apathetic, but the people chose. Respect that, at least he won fair and square.

Stop using ‘we are daft’ as the blatant, oft-cited, self-demeaning, self-depreciating excuse for what is actually fear, ballless-ness, selfishness, muddle-headedness, foolishness, self-deceiving, vicious cycle-upholding, status quo-maintaining, doglapping, bootlicking, shamelessness, blindness, servitude, self-enslaving, self-fulfilling, self-contradicting, self-defeating emptiness, carelessness, laziness, procrastination, hopelessness, lethargy, inertia, resistance to change, stubborn-ness, low self-esteem, low confidence, low spirits and abject cowardice!

‘Daft’ is by contrast a good word, too good to be used even as a stupid excuse.

Albert Tay

Opinion | To those who say that Singapore is ‘open’ and ‘democratic’


Some people say, how can Singapore be like China, or North Korea, or Nazi regime?

Look, you can say things freely here on facebook, and whatsapp, and all – where got crackdown? Where got clampdown? Where got no freedom of expression?

To answer these stupid fools, I can only say, I RATHER the PAP start shutting down the whole of facebook and declaring itself a dictatorial state – at least it would appear less hypocritical.

As a Chinese, I hate most the characteristic of hypocrisy. That is why I am dead against Lee Hsien Loong. Because this dishonourable breed of a human being is a complete hypocrite. (Just like his father – but at least his father was adamant about his iron fist, the son ‘pretends’ to be ‘open’ and democratic!)

Now, Singapore got freedom of expression? Then, what happened to Roy Ngerng? What happened to Chee Soon Juan? What happened to TRS, TOC, TRE, TISG, STR, SH? Singapore got freedom of the press? Then why only one TV station and one Singapore Press Holdings? Singapore got freedom of information? Then where are all the records of the real and raw history hidden from the people for centuries!

We are a Nazi regime, we are a North Korean-like regime, just..with Disneyland and internet and money and capitalist capital. Quite like China, except we still have this sacred, precious thing called elections, which I hope Singaporeans can make use of fully to regain their rights and their country – just like how Malaysians did it.

Albert Tay