Irony over death and dictatorship

The world is full of irony.


Someone who could have dictated every single thing that happens in this country, is now probably unable to decide how he dies – quickly, without delay, shall recovery become unlikely.

Someone who fought for Singaporeans as the first Elected President, did not get a state funeral, whereas someone who did not want his death to become public got a state funeral.

Someone who should repent tells others to. Someone who should be fixed wants to fix others. Someone who probably lied all the way calls others liars. Someone who probably have lost quite a lot of our money warns us about an Opposition taking from our reserves.

Someone who said he would choose “communism” over “anti-communism” arrested and detained “Communists”, most of whom were not even real “Communists” (but maybe that’s why it makes sense?) Someone who closed down all Chinese and Tamil schools is today the father of “bilingualism”. Someone who brought us into Malaysia and then out, is now the “founding father” of Singapore, that existed since the 13th Century.

Albert Tay

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