We can do much better without the PAP


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And that we, as a country, CAN do much better WITHOUT the PAP.




No investigation done, only ‘ownself defend ownself’ in Parliament: Low Thia Khiang

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Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, Mr Low Thia Khiang, whom yesterday won widespread support and praise in cyberspace for a ‘wonderful speech’ in Parliament, today expressed disappointment over PM Lee’s non-response and the lack of pursuit over the allegations made by the Lee siblings.

Low Thia Khiang questioned the PM’s decision not to sue, and asked if the PAP was showing a practice of double standards, as the former PM had sued WP member Tang Liang Hong for just making a police report. He pointed out that this could indicate that blood is thicker than water, but when it comes to ordinary citizens and political opponents, it’s “sue until your pants drop.”

He also said:

“For this Parliament session, it is the Prime Minister, the head of the government, and the Secretary-General of the PAP, accused of wrongdoing. This episode – there is no investigation done, it’s ‘ownself defend ownself’ in Parliament with the PAP MPs!”

Watch the full speech here: https://www.facebook.com/workersparty/videos/1768445169838725/

Not right for Cabinet Ministers to make insinuations about the accusers: Low Thia Khiang


Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, the biggest Opposition party in Singapore, has given LHL’s Cabinet Ministers a shelling in Parliament today.

He said:

“First, Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling should not make vague allegations in the public domains against the Prime Minister based on scattered evidence* centred on family displeasure.

Making allegations that appear to be calculated to undermine the Prime Minister’s authority does not make for constructive politics in Singapore. It is a reckless thing to do and I do not see how this is in the national interest.

If the accusers have details and concrete evidence that the Prime Minister has been lying and abusing his power, allowing his wife to influence the appointment of public officials, they should have made all of them public by now. They should not be waging a continuous media campaign to keep the nation in suspense.

However, the Government has also contributed to the squabble. It does not help that the Prime Minister and some of his Cabinet colleagues have responded in kind in Facebook and even making counter-allegations on the motive and character of the other party.

The Government should set an example and needs to maintain its dignity in the face of insults to its integrity. They should not get involved in Facebook brawl for the whole world to see. Cabinet members more than anyone else should refrain from making insinuations about the character and motivations of the accusers. The Government should not continue with this dispute in the public domain.”

Full text of speech can be found on: ST. *ST’s article wrongly wrote “scant evidence” when Low Thia Khiang said “scattered evidence”, as proven here, where he also corrected Indranee Rajah who tried to suggest LTK said “no evidence”.

Full video of speech can be found on: Gov.sg Youtube.

LHL controls both process and outcome in Parliament forum: Lee Hsien Yang


The Lee siblings have serious concerns with Lee Hsien Loong’s ‘attempt to cover-up and whitewash himself in Parliament on 3 July 2017.’

They said they ‘have begun to show evidence of his misuse of his position and influence to drive his personal agenda. This is yet another example.’

They also believe that key issues such as his abuse of power will be ‘simply swept under the carpet,’ as ‘the accused’ controls ‘both the process and outcome’ of the forum.

Even FabAboutPAP page’s comments are against LHL

So the infamous, tail-waging, Jason Chua’s Fabrications About the PAP, bootlicking page, posted this link to try to convince readers that “Parliament, not Facebook, is the place” to discuss the “Oxley Road dispute”.

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We all know how Jason Chua removes negative comments in quick haste, and literally removes/blocks people who disagree with his staunch pro-PAP views. But even that did not stop the comments section being filled with a vast majority disagreeing.

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It is indeed evident that it is hard for the PAP/LHL to lie their way through this time.