Vivian Balakrishnan praises North Korea of being ‘clean, green and modern’ where government ‘has been hard at work’

vivian in pyongyang.png

Vivian Balakrshnan, after a trip to Pyongyang, waved high lyrical in praising North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang of being – with words normally used by PAP propaganda to describe Singapore – a ‘clean, green, modern city’ and that ‘clearly, the government has been hard at work all these decades.’

“If you go to Pyongyang today, what you will see is a clean, green, modern, beautiful city. I saw construction cranes, I saw buildings being constructed. Clearly, the government has been hard at work all these decades – to upgrade their infrastructure.”

He also praised North Koreans of being united and a ‘rugged’, ‘disciplined’, ‘determined’, ‘self-reliant’ society, whose citizens are ‘proud of themselves and their identity’, and determined to ‘move on and get ahead’. He calls the city and its citizens ‘impressive’ in their ‘own right’.

“But beyond the hardware that I saw, I also got to experience a rugged, disciplined, determined, self-reliant society. They know that they have had enormous challanges, in fact for well (more than half a) century in Korea, but they are proud of themselves, of their identity, and I can see that there is that determination to move on, to get ahead, and to progress. So (the) society is a very impressive society, as well as a very impressive city in its own right.

Are we getting ready to import more North Koreans to work here?



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