More and more talents leaving Singapore and not coming back

Just the other day, I was taking a cab whose driver told me he knows of so many Singaporeans who are working overseas and not coming back, ever – including Singaporean Chinese teaching English in the UK.


Singapore and Malaysia are facing the serious problem of Brain Drain.  Many well-educated and highly-skilled individuals are looking to relocate abroad  for various reasons and this is worrying for both countries.

While the governments are determined to attract these people home, the issue at hand is whether will they be moved by the determination?

More and more people leaving Singapore

The number of people moving out of Singapore has increased by more than one third in the last ten years. In 2014 212,000 Singaporeans were living overseas, whereas in 2004 the number was 157,800.

As Dimitra Stefanidou reports for ASEAN Today.

Note: We all know Malaysia has a big problem of brain drain under past Prime Ministers including Najib Razak. While Singapore faces a similar problem, the government of ours always tries to downplay our situation with propaganda like ‘they are still rooted to the Singaporean identity’. But they are not coming back – why?


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