SDP only right to raise reasonable questions on nation’s integrity

sdp, lee

I read with shock what some commenters (including IBs) left on Chee Soon Juan’s fb page after he posted on demanding addressing of accusations from siblings that are of public concern, specifically those like abuse of power and nepotism.

I thought Chee was already being very nice not to demand for an immediate investigation carried out by the relevant authorities on Lee Hsien Loong which is the protocol in other countries, ie. the democratic ones.

Stop telling me Singapore is unique and different. How many more Lee Wei Ling’s and Lee Hsien Yang’s must it take for things to change in Singapore. Wrongdoings know no national boundaries, I’m afraid.

Albert Tay

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.55.00 AM.png

Some meaningless, hateful comments left on CSJ’s facebook page.


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