LHL had admitted to Parliament that demolition was in line with LKY’s ideals of not allowing a personality cult to form

In a facebook post today, Lee Hsien Yang revealed that in Apr 2015, LHL had conveyed to Parliament Mr Lee KY’s wishes for there not to be “any monument” left of him. And that that was in line with the very ‘ideals he lived by and fought for’. This was because he did not want to “allow a personality cult to grow around him, much less encourage one himself”.

This makes it as clear as day LKY’s very own wishes and ‘ideals’, which current IB members are trying to stir – saying preservation of the house would somehow be aligned to ‘LKY’s ideals’, and that ‘although’ LKY had said he wished the house demolished, ‘the government’ can decide, ‘according to the Law’, stating a clause that allows the Minister, in this case, Lawrence Wong, to decide what happens to leftover properties.

But before we go into that, let’s take a look at how blatantly Lee Hsien Loong contradicts himself in his letter to LWL and LHY on 18 Sep 2015, just days after his party won a landslide victory at GE2015. Now, he claims LKY ‘never said’ he ‘opposed to any monuments to himself’. He said, through his lawyer, that ‘Mr Lee felt that it was necessary for Singapore to have appropriate monuments / memorials which would commemorate Singapore’s founding fathers, including himself, and had given careful thought to how this could be done.’

Very clearly, something struck LHL. Most probably the results of GE2015 did, that he could do anything he wanted, and most importantly, tap on the good name of LKY, to milk political mileage for himself. And perhaps upon the advice of wife, now wanted to build up this ‘cult’ around ‘founding fathers, especially LKY’, to pave the way for his own son, Li Hongyi, to take over him in due course. Why leave the riches to outside Lee, right?


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