LWL and co. now on same page as CSJ and co. on idea of state of Singapore’s affairs and the country’s future

sdp, lee.PNG

The SDP weighs in on the issue.

Gone were the days rhetoric against the Lee family regime came solely and exclusively from the society’s sidelined or marginalised exiles, dissidents or ‘liars’ or ‘psychopaths’ like JBJ and Chee Soon Juan.

Now the very brother and sister and sister-in-law of the sitting Prime Minister, as well as the grandson of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew – who called his contemporary opponents liars and psychopaths and jailed them for suggesting nepotism, corruption, after exhausting the communist cat-calling dealt to earlier troublemakers whom he invoked the ISA on for their alleged ‘crime’ in trying to overthrow the state or undermine the legitimacy of his government – are saying the same words used by those courageous revolutionaries.

‘Lee Hsien Loong wants to build a dynasty.’

‘He’s out to milk political mileage from his father.’

‘He puts his own people at the helm.’

‘His wife over-reaches power.’

‘He abuses power.’

‘He silences us, monitors us, and controls the state media.’

These very words come from the very closest relatives of Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the current PM and eldest son of LKY.



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