For the sake of legality of wills, we need to stand by Lee Kuan Yew’s will


While some may think preserving what could become national monument is good, it cannot be argued that Lee Kuan Yew had had it clearly written in his will, a legally-binding document, that he wants the house demolished.

Therefore, no action, whether by individual, or by government, should supercede the will, unless one wants the legality of the idea of a will to be demolished.

A will is a document where one decides where one’s wealth and assets should go. And if the state can just come in, after forming an ‘internal committee’, to dismantle such arrangements, then what for write a will? It would put all future wills in question!

So, for the sake of law and order, may I ask that we stand by Lee Kuan Yew’s will on the demolition of his house.

Albert Tay


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