Even FabAboutPAP page’s comments are against LHL

So the infamous, tail-waging, Jason Chua’s Fabrications About the PAP, bootlicking page, posted this link to try to convince readers that “Parliament, not Facebook, is the place” to discuss the “Oxley Road dispute”.

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We all know how Jason Chua removes negative comments in quick haste, and literally removes/blocks people who disagree with his staunch pro-PAP views. But even that did not stop the comments section being filled with a vast majority disagreeing.

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It is indeed evident that it is hard for the PAP/LHL to lie their way through this time.


90% against LHL at one page and 10% at another: effects of IB and censoring

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Ch 8 News posting LHL’s statement video on their fb page, attracting mostly negative comments against LHL.

I actually do not think that most Singaporeans are so stupid.

On the day of LWL and LHY’s first letter itself, many of my friends have said the letter is being spread like wild fire among circles of friends. They belong to the polytechnic graduating group (end-20s).

My own circle (also end-20s), though, being university graduates (and mostly civil servants), was very quiet and silent, with a number of them supporting LHL.

I just did a scheming of the comments section at Channel Newsasia’s news video of LHL’s statement last night, and compared it with Channel 8 News’s version, and the difference in opinion representation was shocking.

At Ch 8’s version, about 90% of the comments were against LHL, and the remaining 10% was quite neutral. Ch 8 viewers seemed to be able to discern LHL’s lies and smokescreens. They generally also, present their views in a very civilised, and yet critical manner, some being funnily sarcastic. Many also questioned the way LHL dealt with his siblings using the state’s resources and say they won’t be convinced in his ways. One said, take the matter to court!

At CNA, however, 90% of the comments were pro-LHL and pro-PAP. A check at the facebook profiles of those that got the most likes revealed their backgrounds to be either friends of Jason Chua Chin Seng (admin of Fab About PAP), or were very close with PAP MPs, if not are PAP members themselves. Most here express themselves like City Harvest cult members. With many saying ‘well said and well done’, praising LHL for apologising when he ‘does not need to’, demanding Lee siblings to apologise instead, outrightly criticising and chastising the Lee siblings for going against Big Brother, and posting ‘well wishes’ for LHL’s health.

Maybe the PAP IB hasn’t reached the Chinese online media yet. They have since focused their main influence in the English-language stream since that is the main forum for internet political discourse anyway. Also, most that are close to the LHL inner circle may be the more ‘educated’ ones who are more inclined to use English in facebook communication. Furthermore, CNA fb has a reach of 2 million, whereas Ch 8 fb pales in comparison at 300k, so it might make more sense to the PAP IB to target the English side.

But this contrast also tells us, very clearly: 1) the difference between the ‘opinion’ show at an IB-infested page, versus a non-IB-infested page. The ‘true-blue’ sentiment is most expressed in the non-IB-infested one; and 2) the Chinese-language readers seem more discerning in political review, and are also both more tactful and more expressive in political discourse.

As posted by Albert Tay on his fb page

Lauschke Amy responded to the post with the following comment: 

My fb friend commented on one those pages with his negative opinion anout LHL. And his comment was deleted instantly.

MSM on full salvo offensive against the Lee siblings

And it gets as ridiculous as this:

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The Straits Times and TODAY also engage in ‘news selection’ when the sieve out details and present news on the Lee affair in the best way possible to put LHL in good light, and LWL and LHY in bad light.

And when hard ‘facts’ are not enough, they do ‘Asian values’ commentaries as well (if you can understand Chinese):

PM’s personal lawyer-turned-Attorney-General sets many precedents, including being over the legal age limit

president and lucien.jpg

A viral post making its rounds on facebook has exposed more details on Lucien Wong, the LHL’s personal lawyer-turned Attorney-General of Singapore, despite not having experience on the Bench, nor having acted for the State in legal matters before, a precedent in the AG’s history. So why?

“Interesting facts about Lucien Wong:

1. Lucien Wong was PM Lee Hsien Loong’s personal lawyer and represented him during the dispute with his siblings over LKY’s estate.

2. Shortly after the dispute started, he was quickly nominated to become Attorney General (AG).

3. The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), which Lucien Wong now heads, represented the Government and successfully fended off legal challenges by LKY’s estate (see http://www.straitstimes.com/…/court-of-appeal-reserves-judg… for example)

4. Lucien Wong is the first ever AG to have no experience on the Bench, and to have never acted for the State in legal matters. He was a corporate lawyer (see http://www.todayonline.com/…/top-corporate-lawyer-lucien-wo…)

5. Lucien Wong was appointed AG at age 63, to replace V. K. Rajah, who had to retire at age 60. When asked about Article 35(4) of the Constitution, which states that the Attorney General shall hold office until he turns 60 years old, Law Minister Shanmugam argues that the Government can arbitrarily decide to appoint someone above the age of 60. (more details at http://www.straitstimes.com/…/parliament-shanmugam-sylvia-l…)

6. Lucien Wong spent 30 years in private practice, and was chairman and senior partner at top law firm Allen & Gledhill. Shanmugam was also a senior partner at the same firm for many years before entering politics.

and Bonus Fact (not about Lucien Wong):

7. The role of ‘Deputy Attorney General’ was only recently created to reflect the “increasing volume and complexity of legal work of the Government”. Earlier this year, and for the first time ever, an ex-PAP MP, Hri Kumar was appointed the Deputy AG (http://www.todayonline.com/…/hri-kumar-appointed-deputy-ag-…)

The more you know!”

Source: Qizhong Chang’s original post

70%’s same old rhetoric: no one can govern Singapore other than the PAP

Ever wondered why it is so hard to get into the thick skulls of the 70%’s? It could all boil down to one thing: their insistence that no one can govern Singapore other than the PAP.

After years of indoctrination without alternative education, with 100% state media control, and 100% silencing of the Opposition, they are made to believe that PAP is God, or that those in power are like Gods, and cannot be wrong.

Hence, even in the face of truths like the evils of LHL, Shanmugam, etc., they unwittingly tilt biasly towards the ruling Lee, instead of the victimised Lees.

Quoting Asian values, stability of the country and what not, actually it all boils down to one thing that is not as noble – blind loyalty and obedience towards the ruling PAP.

Also read this interesting commentary on why the strawberry generation votes for the PAP.


Strawberry generation supporters of the PAP