Singapore no different from North Korea by banning foreigners at Pink Dot

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.03.33 PM.png

The recent ban on foreigner participation for Pink Dot really makes me worried for civil society in Singapore (not like I weren’t before).

Imagine setting a rule saying no one is supposed to turn up in orange for your event, and you failing to make sure of that, would lead to you the organisers being prosecuted.

Then it is very easy to sabotage your event, all I have to do is pay $50 to someone who will turn up in orange for your event, and your event has to stop and you will be charged. How clever, and how disgusting!

Some people say the regulations are aimed directly at Pink Dot, a gay support event that most of conservative society would frown upon and hence not suport anyway.

But I think the effect is greater than that. If the PAP were really against the gay support movement itself, they could jolly well have banned the event altogether, on the premise that it violates our laws against ‘promotion of the homosexual lifestyle’, the same clause the regime uses to ban positive gay and lesbian portrayals on TV and media.

The purpose and intention of the ban on foreigners for Pink Dot, is obviously for something greater – political rallies!

Imagine banning foreigners from attending your Population or other political demonstrations at Hong Lim Park. Already numbers are dwindling due to shrewd police ‘officers’ sneakily video-taping people (I think people should turn up in Guy Fawkes masks, but then they will start banning masks at rallies). Now with the ban on foreigners, it makes it so easy for the PAP to jeopardise your event – use $50 to buy a foreigner (or someone who claims to be one) to stand at your event, and tada, your event has to stop, and you prosecuted.

How long will Singaporeans take this?

Just like how North Korea stops outsiders from interacting with their own people, Singapore is doing the same.

I really don’t know how different we are from North Korea. Can someone enlighten me?


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