Singapore’s education system cannot match 21st Century economy

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By Albert Tay

The problem is our education system and education curriculum and education structure and culture and content, cannot match up with 21st Century demands and expectations.

This is a fact.

And the reason? The PAP.

In its pursuit and insistence on keeping the rigid and elitist education system, they sacrificed hordes of Singaporeans who now cannot find themselves fitting into the new jobs of the 21st Century, whereby locals need to be replaced by foreigners who are more adept at these new millemium skills.

And here we are blaming the PAP for not having restrictions on foreign staff in compaines based in Singapore. But the real reason is our outdated education system cannot keep up.

Where is the entrepreneural spirit in our education system? Where is the critical thinking needed for the 21st Century?

In order to sustain the PAP’s dominance in politics in Singapore, the PAP has chosen to keep Singapore students and grauduates stupid and docile and unable to react to 21st Century situations. At the same time, nurturing a generation of spoilt brats who have no manners and no guts at the same time.

That is why I support the WP’s and SDP’s recommendations for changes to our education system.

Fix that, and we fix the economy.

But before that, we have to change the ruling party because the PAP will not change.

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Despite the wayang


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