MediaCorp DJ Jamie Yeo: United Airlines passenger should have just ‘accepted apology and moved on’

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 8.15.29 AM.png

So this viral video showing a United Airlines passenger – a doctor who was in the rush to get back to somewhere to do medical treatments – being forcefully taken down the plane – by being knocked unconscious and dragged down the aisle, to the awe of the other passengers – provoked some unexpected responses from DJs employed by none other than state media MediaCorp Radio, of one of the mainstream radio propaganda stations.

Ms Jamie Yeo, DJ for Gold 90.5FM, apparently remarked on national radio airwaves, that the said doctor should have just ‘accepted the apology and moved on’. She even made a comparison to ‘government ministers’, saying the doctor should not act like them, suing people.

A reader wrote in to All Singapore Stuff to report about the incident, adding that she was disgusted by her reaction and appalled by how she brought the ‘government’ into comparison. Indeed, the link was weak and confusing.

First, our PAP ministers have been suing Opposition figures based on a lack of evidence of the figures’ accusation, notwithstanding public perception agreeing with what the Opposition figures are saying. For the United Airlines case, it was clear and evident that United did injustice, and there is a full case for him especially in a really rule-of-law society like America where lawsuits could be made successfully against  – yes, big corporations and government – entities who bully.

Jamie Yeo should now apologise. But MediaCorp need not fire her lah, as she fits perfectly the PAP psyche and is a boon for the regime’s undying propaganda efforts.

Maybe this ‘Singaporean perspective’ story by Albert Tay could help to understand some Singaporeans’ (maybe most of the population!) mentality as well.


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