Bad criticism vs Good criticism

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Bad criticism: “The PAP is bad, the system is unfair and flawed. The people are suffering. There must be a party takeover.”

Good criticism: “The civil service is sometimes rigid, and ‘tweaks’ can be made to ‘smoothen’ processes so as to expediate the ‘right’ actions to be done; there are things the esteemed ministers and leaders cannot take care of because they are too small and minute. The system has its flaws but overall, it is working and takes consideration of the overall picture very well, and is the ‘best middle ground’ for all, never mind if it takes care of the high and the privileged first because that should be the way to go anyway. Some people are suffering either because they are lazy, fuzzy, or simply silly. Worse, they do not know how fortunate they are to be living in Singapore, where the poor are ‘better off’ than those elsewhere. I think education ought to be intensified to ‘correct’ people’s mindsets, especially that of parents and small business owners. ITE students’ mindsets are already taken care of. There must not be a party takeover, in fact, the Opposition parties must win less, and the people ought to stay ‘united’ to a single course/cause for progress and happiness. The PAP is also the only capable party that can rule Singapore forever and ever.”

In other news, Lee Hsien Loong says he does not like “yes men”, and implores that leaders of nations ought to be able to ‘take in criticism’.


Albert Tay


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