PAP a fake-liberal, fake-conservative party


Tharman claimed PAP is now ‘more left-of-centre’.

PAP really knows how to act liberal. If we are not careful, we would think the PAP is a liberal party while the Opposition are conservatives.

Be confused not. Just because NMP Kuik Shiao-Yin gave a ‘seemingly’ liberal speech in Parliament does not mean the PAP is liberal. In fact, it is far from it. Even Kuik’s speech is far from being liberal. It is just pseudo-liberal and actually PAP-supporting. And PAP is the most far right party the world has ever known.

The fact that we get confused could be due to one of two reasons: 1. The American ‘liberal’ movement itself is very confusing and flawed, take Hillary and the Democratic Party’s inability to associate with the middle class, its traditional stronghold for an eg. 2. Singaporeans have been so used to conservative PAP that even the slightest criticism sounds like liberalism to them.

I am not at all fascinated with Kuik’s ‘good speech’. And I am fascinated even some in the 30% camp are alluding to her. It is no wonder PAP managed to trick 70% of votes over to their side in GE2015. By pretending to be liberal, no less.

Just because Kuik said something liberal, does not make the PAP liberal. (Wayang does not count) Just because PAP is bringing in foreigners in droves, does not mean PAP is liberal. (We block ALL refugees) Just because Tharman says PAP is ‘centre-left’ or has ‘moved to the left’, does not mean it really is or really has.

I tell you what is liberal in Singapore – the WP and the SDP. But maybe they are also more conservative as they care more about our own people and our interests. PAP is a fake-liberal, fake-conservative, fake-centrist party that is actually, really, just a fascist party.

Albert Tay


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