Kuik Shiao-Yin’s questionable stance


Footage of Kuik’s speech that recently made its rounds on social media.

Kuik Shiao-Yin, the PAP-appointed Nominated MP (NMP) who recently shot to fame with her ‘inspiring speech’ about income inequality in Singapore – but not before basing her position first on addressing the ‘global trust crisis’ where we see citizens of many democratic countries having more and more distrust over their government and their media.

In a later-teary speech, she dived lyrical – while reading from a script – on how many citizens – the working poor – do not have the ‘mental bandwidth’ to ‘deal with anything beyond everyday demands.’

But the CEO of “The Thought Collective”, or more accurately, the owner of the “School of Thought Learning Centre” tuition centre, far from being a dissident to the PAP regime – as what some might by now be led to think – told Asiaone earlier about what disturbs her: “the “groundswell of hate and deliberate blindness” online from those who show no interest in rational debate. “It’s an emotional thing now which comes down to I don’t care what you say, I don’t feel like I trust you.””

We cannot forget the way in which NMPs serve the PAP. Not to repeat word-for-word of what the PAP says, they are there to phrase the same rhetoric in a different way, using different words and proses, either to justify the PAP’s stance, or to ‘provide an acceptable, alternative view’ to give people the impression their voice is represented in Parliament, only to find that all is just air that does not even deal a blow to the regime but instead sing praises to it at the end.

Ultimately, it still builds up as LHL’s definition of ‘I don’t like yes-men’ and of ‘good criticism’ (refer below for full ‘definition’) no different from those also hollered by the hooligan likes of Lee Bee Wah and Louis Ng.

After all, Kuik herself, together with the other NMPs, are but shows of the regime, whose numbers have increased over the years to ‘deter Singaporeans from voting in more Opposition MPs into Parliament’, telling Singaporeans “You don’t need to vote Opposition, we have NMPs to voice opposing opinions.”

And as if ‘far-right’ NMPs like ‘kill the children of terrorists’ Calvin Cheng are not good-enough manifestations of PAP’s philosophies, now we have pseudo-liberal ones to wayang and hoodwink the population more effectively.

Now, let’s take a look at just one example in their track record.

kuik, contempt of court bill.png

Kuik, together with 2 other NMPs, had, as reported on Asiaone on Aug 13, 2016, submitted a petition on the proposed amendments to the Contempt of Court Bill, another piece of legislation to entrench the PAP’s power and further silence dissenting voices.

Lo and behold, 3 days later when Parliament was voting for the Bill, all 3 defected to the PAP side and voted ‘Yes’.

Would you trust these people to speak up for you?


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