Singapore Police: Joshua Wong needs work permit to speak through us, even through Skype


In yet another show of its babaric and dictatorial ways, the PAP government has – through its police force – embarked on investigating a video-conferencing event which took place between some Singaporean activists and Joshua Wong, the Umbrealla Movement activist of Hong Kong.

Apparently, the activists needed a ‘work permit’ (sic) for the event, but had not been granted one. The organiser, Jolavan Wham, went ahead though, and later recounted being questioned ‘professionally’ by the police who even ‘shared a few light moments’ with him. The event was also attended by co-organiser Rachel Zeng, online journalist Kirsten Han, and activist Seelan Palay.

Some years back, the Singapore police had similarly probed an SDP teleconferecing event which involved talking through the internet to the PAP’s hated ‘fugitives’ aka political exiles, Francis Seow and Tang Fong Har. The police had then went to look into whether the event had breached the state’s laws.

The PAP has always sought to use “foreign interference” as an excuse to bar outpost characters from participating in local political events to give their takes and insights, even when such individuals were true-blue Singaporeans who lost their citizenship and rights to what seems like political injustice.

More here: Police investigating conference in which Joshua Wong spoke for breach of work permit condition


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