Does Singapore really expect China to give ‘reasons’ for tanks seizure?

donald, lhl.png

So many weeks have passed, and even the China-stolen US underwater surveillance device has been returned, and our 9 newly-bought tanks are still held in Hong Kong.

China had earlier given the go-ahead to get back the tanks, which were detained due to lack of proper ‘paperwork’. But our Defence Minister, Ng Eng Hen had decided to ‘ask China to give legal reasons’ for the seizure, before getting back the tanks. Something which China – expectedly – would not adhere to.

Given the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue on China’s agenda, it would have been silly to think that China would go so low to accede to our demands, so why?

Even America – including Trump – did not react that way when China brazenly stole their vessel which was operating fully legally underneath border waters, so why did PAP act this way? Is it really so low in EQ?



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