Netizens help defend MBS against consumers – a strange revelation

mbs, over charging.JPG

So MBS put up a wrong price tag for its hotel rooms. Someone managed to successfully book it at the low price. And then, MBS came around to say that the price was not right, and he had to agree to pay a higher price or the deal would be cancelled.

Seems like a debatable, if not clear-cut case of illegality on MBS’s side, if you had some basic Business Law knowledge.

But that was not the way most Singaporeans – trained by the PAP’s years of anti-consumer rights-education – seem to see it.

When CNA reported the news, the comment that garnered the most number of likes on its facebook news thread was one that chided the guy for ‘thinking too nice’, sniding: “$65 per night is for the sofa the the main lobby”.

Another 82-like comment was more intellectual, and attempted to go into the law and asked the guy to “prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’ve been led to believe this was a genuine promo”:


Some were even harsher, calling the guy ‘naive’, and blamed him for not ‘confirming’ beforehand:

news thread b.png

Luckily, not all stood on MBS’s side:

news thread c.png

And one guy really nailed it:

news thread nailed it.JPG


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