Singtel fibre breakdown goes into third day with no more updates

singtel still down.png

This taken 10 minutes ago, shows Singtel fibre still not running in many areas around Singapore.

So maybe half of Singapore thought that services have been “fully restored” since the latest update from Singtel at 9am yesterday.

But until this morning (5 Dec, 3rd day running), customers are still taking to the telco’s facebook page to complain that services have not been restored in their various areas. While most were reporting their location of non-service, some have raised the issue of Singtel not communicating properly with its customers and not giving sufficient update. After all, Singtel’s page was quiet ever since posting the “fully restored” message at 9am yesterday.

This poor communication practice by Singtel is reminiscent of that of the SMRT, which also have such issues when its trains break down umpteenly. The worst case being in 2011 when passengers were even trapped suffocating in carriages and under minimal lighting not knowing what was going to happen next. One passenger who resorted to breaking the glass door of one of the trains after extreme suffocation and breathing difficulties, was later ‘warned’ by the train operator on property damaging concerns.

This photo of a broken glass pane had gone viral. Someone used a fire extinguisher to break it when the train for unbearably hot and stuffy. Taken from

Meanwhile, PAP’s own men continue to live in their own world and even have the cheek to come to Singtel’s praise:

zaqy, singtel handled well.JPG

Mr Zaqy Mohamad, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Communications and Information, said that while he understood customers’ frustration, the telco’s crisis communication ‘should be commended‘.

Well, this is the Singapore 70% voted for. What can we say?


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