What happened in America will not happen in Singapore


So America just voted for Donald Trump, an anti-establishment candidate who fought solely and vehemently against the regime, which through all its newspapers, demonised Trump to bits and reduced him to nothing but a ‘racist, sexist demagogue’.

But Americans were more than that. When all opinion polls ruled in favour of Hillary, the electorate gave a stunning result – they elected Trump.

Maybe the army should be called in now, as Lee Kuan Yew suggests should happen in a ‘freak election result’ situation. But nah, in America, just protests.

But the same will not happen in Singapore, populated by docile individuals who have not half the balls to think about change. Election after election, the Singaporean voter has proven to be a sucker to little carrots like estate upgrading, GST rebates, and most recently, baby bonus and housing grants. Not to mention some SG50 fanfare with senior healthcare benefits that were recently withdrawn.


Contributed by TNE reader Deflex


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