Pappies jump in on PAP’s ‘outstanding healthcare system’ on Jaslyn’s hospital bed post

jaslyn, wishes.png

And so, SDP member and Yuhua candidate Jaslyn Go, was warded recently to undergo a major surgery to lower her risk of cancer and other complications.

Her post was made available to only ‘friends’ and alternative news sites respected that privacy, but apparently, PAP attack page, Fabrications About the PAP saw fit to publish it publicly for the whole world to see, adding ‘nice hospital’ remarks beside its ‘well wishes’.

Being ‘gentle-womanly’, Jaslyn thanked the page in the post and praised people for ‘putting aside political differences’ to send her well wishes.

This was not taken well, though, with PAP supporters not agreeing, but chiding her instead – for apparently, ‘staying in a private hospital’ – just where they got that information is anyone’s guess. A Jonathan Lim even came in to wish her well ‘under Singapore (sic) outstanding health system’.

We are not sure if Jaslyn feels tricked into this or what, but the comments are certainly not gentlemanly or logical but reek of opportunistic bootlicking.



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