Pappie sows disunity in Mid-Autumn Festival of unity


So the Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is supposed to be an occasion of harmony and togetherness, seeing family members and neighbours alike come together to eat mooncakes, drink fragrant tea while gazing at the rounder and brighter moon in the middle of the Chinese autumn season.

But one Julie Chin, a frequent commenter on Facebook page, Fabrication About the PAP (FAP) commented on the Facebook page of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) during a Mid-Autumn celebration some days ago, accusing the party members of ‘gate-crashing an event run by the RC’ in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC to ‘further its political presence.’

When SDP responded that the event was not organised by the RC, Julie replied saying that the BBQ event was organised and booked by Abdul Salim. She went on to allege that he is a SDP member and SDP was invited by its own member. This comment was made before Abdul Salim made known that he was the person who booked the BBQ pit.

Abdul Salim posted on the same comment thread, clarifying that he is not a SDP member but a volunteer with SDP and a resident of the area. He added that end of the day, there is no need to politicise the event as he is organising for his fellow residents.

When asked about the event, Abdul Salim noted that majority of those who attend are residents of the area, not affiliated to SDP.  He said, “It is not a SDP event, It is organised by us residents of the area and we decide to invite a few SDP members along.”

He added that he is waiting for the RC to give an answer to him as they say they will investigate the matter.

Several individuals have commented on the matter and asked how did Julie obtain the information that Abdul Salim was the person who booked the event and commented that her statements were unbecoming of a PAP party member.



Source: TOC, with editing 



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