Guess who attends funerals of traitors?

lhl, nathan funeral.png

Lee Hsien Loong, his wife and several Cabinet members attending the state funeral conducted for former PAP President SR Nathan.

lhl, abe.PNG

Lee Hsien Loong paying respects to Nathan with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

We all should know by now both Lee Kuan Yew and SR Nathan served the Japanese during World War II.

lky, jap.PNG

Lee Kuan Yew worked for the Japanese during the occupation as a translator for the war propaganda department, translating Allied wire reports for the Japs.


nathan, jap.PNG

Nathan here pictured with a Japanese soldier during WWII. He served as an inspector in the Japanese secret police, or Kempeitai.


Ong’s contender Chua Kim Yeow also died

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Chua Kim Yeow, who reluctantly stood against Ong Teng Cheong, in Singapore’s first Presidential Elections, died¬†Sunday morning, of pneumonia.

In the first-ever Presidential election to be held, after PAP came up with the scheme – to the opposition from JBJ and CST – Chua Kim Yeow famously said the following when contesting against Ong Teng Cheong, then the PAP-favoured man:

“In Singapore, as you know, the PAP dominates the government and dominates the legislature. Do you want the PAP to dominate the presidency as well?”

And for that, won a respectable 41.31%.

Lee Wei Ling: If the current govt does not act for the welfare of Singaporeans, it can be voted out

Dr Lee Wei Ling, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong‘s sister, in her most recent facebook posting, repeated her distaste for her ‘dishonourable‘ brother’s PAP government, insisting it was ‘different’ from previous administrations, adding, in the strongest blow to his near-totalitarian regime that, if the current government “does not act for the welfare of Singaporeans, it can be voted out.”

She even chided, while replying to a PAP IB’s comment about Singaporeans having voted “overwhelmingly in favour of the current PAP”, the seemingly-PAP-favourable GE2015’s result, saying it merely “depended on the goodwill of LKY which LHL inherited, the feeel-good factor of SG50, and a few concocted rumours of what the bookies thought.” She insisted it was “not their performance in running the government” since the 2011 election that made people “vote for it overwhelmingly.”