MOH, SGH says staff disciplined, fails to give names and details, in communist-style press release


The Singapore General Hospital said senior staff were among those disciplined over last year’s Hepatitis C outbreak. Photo: Associated Press

A dozen staff in leadership positions from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and four Ministry of Health (MOH) officers have faced disciplinary actions over last year’s (2015) Hepatitis C outbreak at the hospital.

In separate press releases from both organisations released on Thursday (17 March), it was revealed that the punishments imposed on the respective staff included stern warnings and financial penalties. Those taken to task included senior SGH staff and the four MOH officers were of director level or holding equivalent roles.

Both MOH and SGH said their affected staff had accepted the penalties imposed.

The ministry apologised to the patients and their families affected by the outbreak and said it would “continue to work with SGH to ensure that they receive the necessary support and care to manage their conditions”.

Following SGH’s revelation in October 2015 that 22 people had been infected with Hepatitis C in its renal ward earlier in the year, an Independent Review Committee (IRC) was formed to investigate the lapses and gaps in procedure that led to the outbreak.

In its press release, SGH said that following the release of the IRC’s findings, Peter Seah, chairman of SingHealth’s board of directors, had appointed a Human Resource Panel to examine the roles, responsibilities and actions of key SGH staff in the incident, and assess if disciplinary actions needed to be taken.

Aside from the penalties imposed, the Panel also “recommended that front-line healthcare staff caring for patients, should be provided every support and re-training, and undertake competency assessment, to ensure that they understand and comply with infection control and cleaning procedures”.

The hospital also reiterated the ongoing steps it has taken to improve current infection control measures, which include:

  • Instituting regular, thorough cleaning and disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces, with clearer roles and responsibilities for who should undertake the cleaning
  • Introducing enhanced education and training programmes, including curriculum for all new staff
  • Improving supervision and monitoring of practices such as hand hygiene practices
  • Use of needle-less connectors hospital-wide

“(SGH) will rectify the gaps to ensure that patients receive the best and safest care. We will continue to emphasise patient safety as our highest priority. To this end, we will mobilise people, review systems and strengthen processes,” said Seah.

Meanwhile, the MOH said that it had started its National Outbreak Response Team this month (March 2016), which comprises “experts from across the healthcare fraternity, to augment the efforts of healthcare institutions to deal with disease outbreaks”.

News from: Yahoo


Breaking: PAP MP David Ong resigns, by-election to be held


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced at 4pm today that fellow People’s Action Party (PAP) member and elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Batok SMC, David Ong has tendered his resignation from his MP post as well as from the PAP, and the former has accepted it.

pm, david ong.png

On his facebook page, Lee Hsien Loong also shared the exchange letter between Ong and himself. No details were given, however, in the letters, as to the “personal reasons” for Ong’s departure, to which Lee readily accepted, stating “I deeply regret that I must accept your resignation.”

david, letter

lhl, reply 1.pnglhl, reply.png

Traditionally, by-elections have been known to be sweeter ground for the Opposition with the electorate not feeling the fear of a ‘change of government’ as could be realised if there was a nationwide swing against the PAP.

JB Jeyaretnam, former Workers’ Party sec-gen and bankrupt, won the first Opposition seat since independence in a by-election in Anson.

In 2012, the WP won the Hougang seat in a by-election even though it was the former WP member that had an affair and resigned. In 2013, Lee Li Lian also won the Punggol East seat from the hands of the PAP in a by-election held some time after Micheal Palmer’s resignation, to the surprise of many.

It is expected that the SDP would be contesting in such a by-election held in Bukit Batok SMC which it had contested in GE2015 and before.



Far, far from being done


As long as Benjamin Lim and Dominique Lee cannot receive justice and attain apology and change from the police and the ministries, we are not done.

As long as the Opposition cannot win beyond half of the seats, we are not done.

As long as we cannot read a freely-published newspaper, watch an independent TV channel, or listen to an objective radio station, we are not done.

As long as Chee Soon Juan cannot stage a demonstration in front of Parliament House, we are not done.

As long as the Workers’ Party cannot hold a bicycle race at East Coast Park, we are not done.

As long as we cannot take back our CPF money, we are not done.

As long as we cannot criticize Lee Kuan Yew freely, and scrutinize his son openly, we are not done.

As long as our people remain seemingly harmonious but secretly divided and prejudicial, we are not done.

As long as almost everybody in this country cannot afford to dream, cannot afford to not read between the thin lines, or cannot afford to fall sick, we are not done.

As long as Singaporeans cannot feel like they are part of this country, like they are the masters and owners of this country, are respected, and can change this country for the better, we are not done.

I would be glad if by now, you know how far away we are from being done.

Albert Tay