From 69.9% to a history of setbacks


So 69.9% was a big setback? Yes, it was. You want to give up? Yes, you do. But do remember you are not alone. We have had, in our history of 50+ years, many, many setbacks.

Imagine having your university and the whole set of your vernacular schools closed down.

Imagine having all your newspapers, from the English right to the Chinese left, all shut, and merged into SPH.

Imagine having your party members arrested and detained en masse, with frivolous laws and justifications.

Imagine being left with NO Opposition at all, because the main one (Barisan Socialis) boycotted the entire election due to unfair treatment.

I know it is hard to imagine that we see this in 2015. But now you know dictatorship knows no boundaries of space and time, nor language nor race nor country. If it can work in China, it can work here. If it can work in the 1960s, it can work now. They just employ different methods to the same ends.

Worse, they make you think you are making ‘informed’ choices, democratically. ‘You chose this!’

If the South Koreans, Taiwanese, French, etc. can all move away from dictatorship to democracy, even without social media, I don’t see why we can’t.

Of course, in those places, the people suffered, and maybe we are not suffering badly enough.

But the Chinese in Malaysia are doing quite well economically what (as accused by UMNO), why do they still want change? Oh, because they feel they are unfairly treated?

Are you fairly treated? Are you fooled into thinking you are?

Think and think again.

Albert Tay


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