While other countries’ politicians resign, ours simply ‘will not contest next elections’

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.27.23 pm

In other countries, the minister steps down from his position immediately, and someone else takes over him.

In Singapore, he either announces that he will not contest in the next general elections (Lui Tuck Yew), or worse wait until election is over to get not appointed to the position again (Wong Kan Seng).

Again a uniquely Singapore practice just in case anyone thought Lui Tuck Yew did a very good job.

And just in case anyone jumps up to defend the practice saying: “why ask guy to quit immediately? Wait no able person to take over?”, you have basically just proven the point that PAP lacks talent, and they only have that ONE candidate for that ONE position, so that means no matter how badly that ONE does, we would have to endure for 5-6 years until the next polls.

Try convincing me our system is good.

Albert Tay


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