Man takes plunge at Swissotel, traumatizing passers-by

A 33-year-old man is believed to have plunged from one of the upper floors of Swissotel The Stamford yesterday afternoon.

A 33-year-old man is believed to have plunged from one of the upper floors of Swissotel The Stamford yesterday afternoon.

A 16-year-old witness, who declined to be named, was on her way for a lunch to celebrate her birthday when the body landed just 15m from her.

She said she was deeply shaken after the body hit the ground, splattering the clothes of passers-by.

The incident was so traumatising that some passers-by immediately fled the scene and many turned away in horror, she added.

“It is kind of hard to stomach anything after that. It’s something I hope no one else ever has to experience,” she said.

Police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force said they received a call for assistance at 1.10pm.

A 33-year-old man was found dead, said a police spokesman. He is believed to have plunged from one of the upper floors.

Police are investigating the unnatural death. No foul play is suspected.

This is the second such incident at the hotel in five days.

Last Saturday, a woman in her 50s, believed to be a hotel guest from Australia, was also found dead in front of the hotel.

Yesterday, a Swissotel spokesman said the hotel would be reviewing its safety protocols and policies.

She declined further comment as investigations are ongoing.


Team Singapore athletes got a shock yesterday when the body of a man came crashing down in front of the Swissotel The Stamford.

Some of the athletes, who are housed there for this month’s South-east Asia (SEA) Games, were in the vicinity when the body fell at around 1pm.

The track and field athletes were in their hotel rooms while three swimmers were at a cafe in Raffles City.

Sprinter Calvin Kang did not see the body falling but he was not spared the gruesome sight after.

“We looked outside to see the aftermath of it. It wasn’t pretty,” he told The New Paper.

Swimmer Dylan Koo, 16, was at the nearby Starbucks outlet with two female teammates when the body landed at the area just outside Introbar, one the restaurants on the ground floor.

“When we heard about it, we got curious,” he said.

“We went to look but by then, the police had already covered up most of it.”

Despite the horrific incident, Dylan said that it should not affect the athletes’ focus. “We can’t let this get into our heads,” he said.

“We’ve worked so hard for so long, and now we have to put this aside and translate all that effort into results.”

The athletes are being given psychological support.

Full report on: Asiaone

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