Was there rule of law for Amos Yee?

CNA news headline

CNA news headline

Firstly, the name and other identities of the 49-year-old man was not made known.

Now Shanmugam says he – just like Amos (who did not commit any crime, if it were the eyes of the law in other normal countries) – should have defence in court.

While we are doubting one’s right to defence at all, it is funny Shanmugam mentions this now. Good that he recognises the need for rule of law to be continually upheld. But why only now, only on this particular case? The guy someone he wants to protect?

While we should not speculate, it baffles when the charging, arresting and detaining of Amos Yee itself is a breach of the rule of law.

Maybe it is really time to have some new government that would really bring us real rule of law, justice and democracy.

TNE Editorial


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