New Era strongly condemns Amos Yee attack

The New Era strongly condemns the violent action taken in the form of a hand-to-face assault on Amos Yee, merely a boy who blared out words that some find unpleasant to hear that would most probably be thrown out of court in any other normal, democratic country.

We also take this opportunity to join the call to ‪#‎FreeAmosYee‬, and to respect freedom of expression in Singapore. The only time speech needs to be curtailed is when hate speech is used. There was none in Amos’s case.

Those who hurled insults at Amos ought to be utterly ashamed of their bullying, which in our view, deserves much more police and jail time than Amos’s non-violent act itself.

Those who now praise the idiotic coward in red for being a ‘hero’ also ought to ask themselves if they are still human. And if they felt the same way when Seng Han Thong, PAP member set on fire some years ago, a case that by contrast, could probably have involved a man too desperately deprived of needed help and too upset over a rejection of assistance from someone who calls himself a servant of the people.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.41.44 pm


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