Bombastic state funeral with offensive encroachment of private space

Like a lump of phlegm that is stuck in my throat – write I must to throw out my opinion on the recent Singapore’s state funeral, now that the drama is over.

No doubt the protagonist, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) was supposedly a great man and no doubt he deserved a state funeral. But look at the excessive resources employed, the amount of pomp and ceremony – it had certainly crossed a certain level of tolerance, even overstepping into our personal boundary.

The horror started on that fateful day, 23rd March 2015:

No songs over the radio, only the classical Requiem; total removal of our usual television programmes  and replacing them with an unceasing documentaries on this dead man’s deeds; the Google banner spotted a black ribbon, mercilessly turning our Monday blues to black.

And – hell knows when they installed an offensive speaker at the hawker centre that religiously blared exultation of LKY’s achievements for seven days. Even our simple meal at the hawker centre was interrupted – coerced to stand for 1 minute, my ice-kachang ice became ice-kachang soup.

Although pomp and ceremony are often part of a state funeral, depriving us of music and television programmes and upsetting our normal routine is considered an obscene violation of our personal space.

From car decals to a what not orchid named after this man, this awfully inflated enthusiasm over the death of this man was but a pageantry of partisan’s presence. It was certainly an attempt to capitalise on his death to promote idolatry and to enshrine a party’s authority, further ‘loudspeakered’ by none other than the main stream media in cahoot: the unceasing documentaries about this dead man only told the people of his greatness and presenting a deification of this man as a God who had saved the people from hopelessness.

Indeed, what a golden opportunity to tame, to melt, to dope the hearts of the mindless people and to inject that false sense of indebtedness!

Whitewashing the vulgarity of those events that this man was once responsible for, in his fight towards his own enthronement, what better time than now to rewrite history to be in sync with their party’s self-seeking interests and to melt and dope the people.

Besides, how much of the tax payers’ money have they spent?

Will the figures be made known?

Having experienced this most superfluous state funeral by far, let us now bet how much further the ruling party will luxuriate in the next related state funeral.

Christina Yew, on TRE


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