Well-wisher not given a chance to glance or bow at LKY’s Lying-In-State

I had gone with my 11-year-old daughter to pay our last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew yesterday although it was actually not really necessary, as I had already thanked him about 3 years ago via an e-mail through PM Lee Hsien Loong to help to send my regards to Mr Lee as he was advanced in years and to show my appreciation for what he has done for Singapore and my family.

However, I changed my mind on that.

The reason being I wanted to leave a deep impression on my daughter to remember Mr Lee and to help to pass on to my grandchildren too.

I have joined the 7-hr queue and was moved by the people who never complain and even help one another in small little ways.

Finally, we had reached the Parliament House and was looking forward to pay our respect to Mr Lee. But things did not turn out as what it should be. After we stepped into Parliament House and was moving in line to walk pass Mr Lee’s coffin, an official requested us to move to the extreme left while there was a line near Mr Lee’s coffin. I took it that we were asked to do that as we would be walking past Mr Lee again. Instead we were actually heading for the exit. I was quite shocked when I reached the gate of Parliament House, asking myself what was the 7hrs queue for as my 11yrs old daughter did not even get to pay her respect to Mr Lee.

I understand that the crowd was overwhelming and we should not be so selfish to stop to pay our respect but we did not expect to be shuffled away from the main line and did not even had the chance to take a quick glance or quick bow.

I was quite disappointed the whole night. But as I was listening to one of the most popular Singapore Chinese radiostation, the DJ said large crowds were marching past and bowed to pay their last respect to Mr Lee. I cannot agree with that.

I called the station and informed that there was not even enough time to bow to pay our respect but just walk past in a very fast manner. The feedback from the listeners had amazed me. One listener called to say I was just another stupid Singaporean who only knows how to complain and although she had paid her respect to Mr Lee at one of CCs but she was there to pay her second respect to show her sincerity. Another listener called in said that I should not be so selfish but he was queuing for the second time because he wanted to pay his utmost respect to Mr Lee.

This would be an unforgettable memory for me as a feedback become a complaint and nuisance subsequently.

Ms Lee


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