Religion and politics: when can they mix?

Okay, so it’s official?

Mixing religion with politics when it is against the PAP regime is wrong, disrespectful and illegal, as in the ‘former archbishop Nicholas Chia retracting his letter to Function 8 supporting the call to abolish the ISA, and Alex Au reporting on it’ case, as well as the recent 17-year-old case.

But when religion and politics mix to praise someone from the PAP, aka Lee Kuan Yew, it becomes legal and almost mandatory? As in the recent imam case where LKY was ‘thanked’, and the Catholic Church’s grand mass tribute to LKY, where the archbishop called on followers to ‘forgive and forget’ PAP for its Operation Coldstore acts.

As pointed out by Gillian Koh of IPS, there is a generally well-accepted paradigm here “that religion and politics are kept separate,” and “the state monitors this carefully and acts to maintain that separation.”

Albert Tay

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