A really ‘united’ Singapore should encompass different views

Singaporeans need to shrug off the selfish attitude. Every time, everywhere I go, the country reeks of selfishness. Not blaming LKY alone, but I believe if you really call yourself a fan of LKY, you should start being less selfish. After all, what you think of the man was that he was selfless, right?

Why do I say we are selfish? Because everyone just wants it for themselves. At hawker centres, we do not, and are not taught to, clear our own plates. Leaving the place dirty, and inconvenient for the next customers. Only waiting for the cleaner to clean.

Why selfish? Because when shouting ‘I Love LKY’, and on the other hand, cursing and swearing at every criticism made of him, we only think and care about ourselves. Never mind if people have a different opinion! As long as most people are happy, who cares if some pockets of people get locked up in jail, or silenced? Then where is your sense of justice you said LKY bestowed on this country? The sense of equality, the sense of minority? All lies?

Why selfish? Because you talk about ‘unity’ (or Yew-nity), but when people have a different opinion, you silence them? You call that unity? Sorry, that is North Korean unity. That is not real unity, that is ‘forced’, or farce unity. Real unity is when people can work and respect each other despite of differences. Unity is celebrating differences, not eliminating them. That is why right from the start, we talked about racial harmony, we have four official languages.

What have we today? A modern metropolis filled with people working into old age cleaning toilets? What have we given up? Our happiness and our ability to think properly?

And I haven’t even touched on my favourite topic of democracy and liberty, that is now vilely demonised by Calvin Cheng and his foolish (selfish) followers/sharers.

Albert Tay


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