[Opinion]: Hard to find sympathy for LKY

art of violent, lky

LKY, known for his iron-fisted rule and ‘cul-de-sac’ threats

“I think sympathy is hard to find for a man who once described Singaporeans as similar to “dogs”, in training to be docile and law-abiding. He has insulted Singaporeans on many turns, of being daft, transgressing religion, especially Muslims with his remarks on Islam and his assault on the so called “Marxist” Catholics which have never been proven to be in the court of law. He polarised our different races by segregating certain vocations in the military, often claiming national security when there had been no threat of such. Dividing and conquering.

This is also the man responsible for keeping his political opponents in detention for periods longer than Nelson Mandela simply because they do not hold similar views as him and were conveniently accused as ‘Communists’, subjecting innocents to torture and the hopelessness of indefinite detention, a man who once denounced the democracy process in Singapore before attaining power, yet push into totalitarian rule once in power.

Despite his “achievements” which in part was a team effort involving the Old Guard ministers and a certain Albert Winsemius, I find it hard to sympathise in his eventual passing. He lugs around a rucksack full of sins, which he never atoned nor apologised for, a violent man who uses analogies like “meeting his opponents with a hatchet at the cul-de-sac” and similar violent, strong language on his political opponents.

The ones he can’t match by tongue he unleashed the full powers of legislation and law to submit them to their knees, ruining their lives. He doesn’t give a shit and will never give one and neither should anyone else, except sycophants and the deluded.”

By Salihin Nihilas


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