SG50 nostalgia: Who made us lose our heritage?

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.16.20 pm

A screenshot of the 2011 NDP Theme Song, incorporating elements of old kampung life.

The SG50 campaign, with its reminders of nostalgic moments of better times bygone, have only managed to fix my inclinations – and I believe many more people’s inclination – towards voting for those that have a higher chance of bringing those moments back – like the WP and the SDP.

And we are doing this while cursing at the PAP for putting up this grand, big wayang, trying to gain credit for what they have taken away from us – happiness, history and humanity – for printing ugly stickers and saying goosebumps-intriguing fake words.

God knows why they want to engage in this PR disaster campaign. Maybe some clever ‘pioneers’ have advised them ‘wrongly’.

Albert Tay


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