PAP: Always trying to outsmart you?

Do you find that the regime is always trying to outsmart you, and outdo you? They always have to be the first to say, and also have the last say. Whatever the matter, whatever the discourse. They even bar you from talking about race and religion, and have a law in place that can charge you as and when they feel your words are detrimental to its rule and can cause ‘disharmony’.

pm-lee-firecracker-croppedThat is what dictatorships do, and they do it a such a fake way (as fake as SG50) it is so obvious, but what can you do? When they act up all-mighty and all-knowing when in actual fact they are stupid and senile and juvenile.

That is what happens not just in Singapore, but in all other dictatorial regimes as well.

Contrast that with democratic governments that on the surface are silly and stupid, but only because they let their citizens and people take the stand and take charge. They do not do a whole lot of the unnecessary, but react and respond when the people demand.

What kind of G do you want?

Albert Tay


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