Update: TNP news report on TRS filled with false information and implication of the innocent!



We have read the “report” published by TNP on our website and those who are apparently behind The Real Singapore.

Much of the information is false and several points are also defamatory. From what we understand, affected parties are seeking legal advice about whether it is appropriate to take action against TNP for these false and defamatory statements.

We understand that no formal charges have been made at this time and those involved in investigations, many of whom are not actually even involved in our website at all, are cooperating with Police to clear this up as soon as possible.

Only one editor is actually involved in investigations and all others who have been “dug up” by TNP, from unverified and untruthful internet sources, are actually innocent family and friends or witnesses.

As investigations are ongoing, divulging too much information is not only inapproriate but may be considered a breach of the law.

We will provide more actual information when it is appropriate to do so. Thanks for your continued support.

Additionally, in another statement, TRS said:

One of the Editors who is involved in running The Real Singapore has been called up for Investigation by the Police along with about 4 others in relation to an article about the Thaipusam Incident which was an article compiled based on various witness accounts.

​Some time in the future, we will be publishing a full story and explain clearly everything that we can share. This may also include how we work and who is behind the website but currently, as investigations are ongoing, such a full response would be inappropriate.


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