SMRT page to Xiaxue: You bring the law to us? We will bring the law to you.


SMRT Ltd (Feedback) page’s cover photo

Yesterday, it was reported that renowned, PAP-supporting, nuisance blogger, Xiaxue, has applied to the courts for Protection under the PAP’s new law against harassment.

The mainstream media has published the report with SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s apparent response that they will have to reveal their owners’ identities and make an apology to XX by 12 pm today. The fact that ST took the statement as real was ridiculed by Molly Meek here.

Anyway, as of today, the satirical page, which had also been the prime vigilante (or “vigilanteh”, as they would like themselves be known) in exposing Jover Chew, Xiaxue and many other villains, apart from providing us with good political and non-political puns that attract thousands of likes and shares, has posted this response to XX’s lawyers:


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