Reminder to voters: your vote is secret!


Elections are coming (May 6 again?), and it’s time to give reminders once again:

A reminder to voters that your vote is secret. Remember the PAP has more to lose, as Sylvia Lim tells us, if it meddles with your ballot papers. And as Vincent Wijeysingha says, they cannot even keep a limping terrorist at the detention centre, they cannot check each and every one of your votes.

A reminder to civil servants that you do not need to serve the PAP. Your job is to the people of Singapore, true enough, also to the government of the day, but that which can be changed by the power of your vote itself! So if you do not longer want to serve under such masters, all the more, contribute to the change.

A reminder to soldiers that you should be serving the people and who could really work for you, not foreigners who come and go, not corporations who steal and rob, not the family that threatens and suppresses.

A reminder to fighters on the ground for democracy, know you are doing a noble job and fight on!

A reminder to the “journalists” in our national bootlicking press, know that you will be hated with smelly eggs thrown right at your face, come a party takeover. So either pray hard for that not to happen, or bloody-hell find another job!

By Albert Tay


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