‘It does matter if Lim was communist’ article an intellectually dishonest one


So one Ronald Tan got an article published on TRS saying it “does matter if Lim Chin Siong was communist”, quoting Patrick Low and Teo Soh Lung, with an ending that read: “If Dr Chee Soon Juan is truly for freedom and democracy, I urge him to speak out on Teo Soh Lung’s apologia for Communism. I also urge supporters of the Opposition to continue to engage the PAP in debate on their policies, but also oppose the radical left segments among them.”

The post drew massive outrage and counter-attacks on the web and facebook, but one reply stood out to lambast this goon suavely.

Bernie Khaw:
“You seriously have no idea what you are talking about, in the 50s to 70s, Communism as a intellectual ideal was relatively popular amongst a good number of educated fellows.
Not the politics as performed by Mao, Stalin and gang, but the writings of Karl Marx or Lenin about the ideal of how labour is valued and shared.

You might not be aware, but a good number of fellows then, and now, self identify themselves as communist, but the vast majority of them (unless they’re in Soviet territories or in “Red” China) are in no ways, affiliated with the much reviled Communist organisations.

So Teo Soh Lung’s not actually wrong, and you have to do a lot better than to use throwaway statements and false accusations in order to toe the PAP line.

On a side note, do note that Communism is quite separate from the Soviets and Red China, so by smearing self-identified communists together with Soviets and Red China, you are being quite intellectually dishonest.

Communism is a political ideal, whereby property is noted to be owned in common and the products of one’s labour are pooled and shared amongst all. You may call it many things, idealistic for one, utterly stupid for another, but it has not killed anyone.

Instead, you should look into those which have it as an excuse.

Organisations and people on the other hand, have.

Stalin was NOT a communist. He was for practical purposes, trying to establish a state, wholly developed to himself as a cult figure. Whilst he is described as communist, I’m still wondering which part of his policies other than the name is communist.
Mao does seem to have taken his values from a lot of places, where Lenin’s writings happen to be a good amount of it. He has also plagiarised a lot of his writings from Sun Tse, are you going to say that Art Of War is a violent organisation?

However, if we’re talking about the silly jokers who started the Malayan Emergency? Sure, call them violent.”

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