On Lee and the communist connection


LHL posted this photo on his facebook page, ‘proving’ Lim Chin Siong’s ‘communist’ connection by mere comparing of handwriting!

By Sgc Ommoner

I refer to TOC’s question as posted here.

1) Lee was right that he is no communist. But he made use of the “pro-communists” to gain power, and then evicted them. After which, he arrested and locked them up before they could win back power from the PAP.

2) China today is also not communist. It is a state corporatist, or fascist regime, just like the PAP’s. That means capitalism + state power, or state-controlled capitalism, state-owned capitalism, whereby the govt makes tons of money, virtually monopolising the economy, and yet does not conduct a welfare society.

3) The Communist Party of Malaya may have been a violent, terrorist organisation, but Lee told us that the alternative was his “democracy”. Where is the “democracy” now? Could a Soviet republic that later gives way to some citizen autonomy even be more democratic than the Singapore Lee managed?

4) So, technically, Lee did not lie. And he did not contradict himself when allying the Chinese. But he did always ally with dictators, be it the Chiang regime of Taiwan before Taiwan democratized, or now the “Communist” regime of China that refuses to democratize.

5) What we need to understand is, while Lee did help us fend off the “violent” communists, he also made sure he had no opponents to counter his rule, itself a violently maintained and violently fought one. While he banished the communists, he did not act less than the communists themselves.

6) What is important and worth supporting, is not whether one is communist or not. What is more important is whether one is dictatorial, and if one allowed freedom and democracy, and on that count, Lee failed miserably.

7) So say all you want about helping to fend off the “Old Communists”. But what about the “alleged communists” – the “communist sympathisers” of the 1963 Operation Coldstore who were but members of the Opposition Barisan Socialis, and worse, the “Marxist conspirators” of the 1987 Operation Spectrum who were but members of the Catholic Church? Those were perfectly and completely peaceful and legal parties and people, who were “wrongfully” (in our perspective) (and even, illegally) detained and made to lose power, so that there was to be no Opposition at all to the PAP’s totalitarian and authoritarian rule.

8) So if we now look around the world, there are communist parties in the most capitalist of countries, like Japan, the United States and India. Not to mention France and Germany, etc. These are legal parties, working within democratic frameworks.

9) So it is really not about “communist” or “non-communist”, but about “fascist” or “non-fascist”, about “democratic” or “autocratic”, “open and free” or “authoritarian and repressive”.

10) Singaporeans should know the answer.

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