Why your children will suffer if you vote PAP


I usually veer off away from political conversations but each time I see PAP Ministers taking the low road of using ad hominem (personal attacks) on the oppositions, which is a fallacy and adds no value to the argument, it makes you wonder if they understand the proper way of making an argument. It’s like the more they try so hard to attack the opposition, they uglier it reflects on the PAP themselves and backfires on themselves.

Remember when someone asks us to repent and ended up swinging the votes the other way? This is exactly what I am talking about; these ad hominem are exactly why I won’t vote for the PAP because it reflects on their lack of character. People like Desmond Lee and Calvin Cheng who uses personal attacks on the opposition party while lacking in character themselves (for example, Calvin Cheng was involved in illegal price fixing and saying it’s no big deal.) really makes me wonder what kind of low quality shit are the PAP taking in nowadays. Any tom, dick, or harry, as long as they are willing to suck the balls?

But you know why they dare to speak like that without fearing repercussions? I tell you why. Because PAP has the overwhelming majority seats in parliament and dominates the Singapore political scene. Even if their teammate talks like an idiot, uses ad hominem (personal attacks) or any shitty methods of bringing down the opposition, as long as they are in their team, the PAP people will more than likely to be supportive of their teammates. My question is, my good people, are you willing to let these bad people do what they do and get away with it and let evil prevail?

The reason for me writing this is because ordinary citizens like me cannot tolerate such actions anymore. The ad hominem attacks coming out from these PAP people, taking the low road in arguments is encouraging me to speak up. So I shall speak up and tell everybody why enough is enough, and why PAP has turned evil.

I’m going to give it to you guys straight because I love my country and I see PAP is driving the country down the drains.

1) PAP is running the country like a company except the country is not a company. Who does Singapore make its money from? The people living here of course. So a greed driven strategy will do what? Results now has shown it increases the costs of living, with the price of most things shooting up, driving people into poverty and hardships. Salary has stayed stagnant and I see more and more Singaporeans “selling tissues”. My concern isn’t that you are currently doing average… My concern is that I can calculate based on these trajectory of prices increases that one day you may be kicked out of your job and you will end up in poverty. Don’t tell me those uncles/aunties pushing cardboards could ever predict they would be in such bad circumstances. It has happened to them and it could happen to you.

2) Results have shown that PAP don’t keep their promises. I normally don’t worry about this but now I do; why? Because PAP is pointing fingers at opposition saying they change their mind like flip flops! If you want to say others, make sure you are not like that lah! Since PAP don’t keep their promises, they can say anything they want and it’s worthless. Therefore, based on the track record we see now, we see PAP Ministers doing personal attacks on opposition parties and don’t keep their promises so I don’t see why our country should be run by such people.

3) Do you know why PAP are not transparent about the CPF and the HDB are not transparent about how much profit they make from us citizens? Because they don’t dare and they don’t have to, since the majority of parliament seats are dominated by them! They don’t need to be accountable, like when they make billions of losses in investments of the taxpayers money. Let me tell you something, if we continue to let them get away with such things, then don’t be surprised if one day you realize there is not enough money in CPF for payouts when opposition parties finally take over and come clean on the state of things. This is not a joke, this is serious. You can see it in the way they make excuses and increase the age in which you can withdraw your CPF. It stinks of something fishy but like I said, they don’t need to be accountable nor transparent as long as they hold the majority seats in parliament.

4) Don’t tell me the cost of a HDB is a few hundred thousand dollars and they are making losses. If a apartment or landed house in Malaysia much less than $100,000 then are they using different concrete than us? Or maybe our materials used in the construction are so different? If you want to profit from the citizens hard earned money, just say so. Don’t claim you guys are making losses, that’s an obvious technical lie. I said technical lie because accounting can be very creative, you might make lots of profits but you can show them into losses on paper. I am damn sure as hell if the costs of materials are pretty much the same, then an apartment should not be so expensive. My good citizens, tell me, do you want your future generations to pay for your mistake by keeping silent on such matters? In fact, you already are paying for your parents mistakes of keeping the PAP in power and abusing their political domination into earning as much money as possible from the citizens. If they don’t make money from you, as a country, where else can they make money from? They already said we don’t have natural resources, so the next best way to make profits is by earning them from you and me.

5) I don’t have anything against the foreigners and I think it’s cool to have people from different countries come here to stay. As with most things, we need a balance. Having floods because our drainage system cannot cope, having constant MRT breakdowns because our transport infrastructure cannot cope, having skyrocketing costs in everyday items and rocketing property prices because of supply and demand, that’s not balance. We people love humility and when people make some mistakes, it would be nice to see them apologize and corrected. Yet our PAP Ministers instead of focusing on their job at solving these huge problems for the residents of Singapore, these PAP Ministers focus on personal attacks on the integrity of opposition parties. That’s just a waste of our money paying their millions of dollars in salary.

There are a lot more but I am tired and not motivated enough to carry on writing. My question is, my good fellow human beings, do you want to stay silent and let the dominating party PAP get away with all their bad actions and continue their personal attacks on others without merit? Do you want your next generation to suffer from their strategy of running the country like a company and squeezing as much money as possible from your children? Are you so focus on paying your everyday expenses that you’ve lost sight of how things are going to get worse for your children because PAP cares about profits more than they care about you? Their million dollar salaries are the highest in the world and those money are the taxpayers money. The silence of the good people may be all that is necessary for the bad to continue doing their evil deeds. I rest my case.

Disgusted Parent

Article was first posted on TRS.


3 thoughts on “Why your children will suffer if you vote PAP

  1. A storm is coming soon.

  2. Toilet roll cannot cannot put out an inferno. Nor can it clean off the shit of PAP. Many of the 60% are dammed selfish. They only care for themselves & their jobs for the time being. They never care for their children future.Sooner or later hey themselves will become old, useless, redundant & will be kicked out the FTs.Why regret later when we can rectify the present situation. by kicking out PAP & form a new government that will serve Singaporeans first. Not FTs.& their fake degrees.

  3. You decide your own future by your powerful voting power.. If you think your 1 vote is not important, then you & your family deserve to be treated like dirt by the pappies.Then you be
    come one who cannot decide anything for yourself & should be marginalised by all the foreigners in your very own country.

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