Local TV and movies ‘promoting’ ‘ah beng’ culture to keep Sinkies docile and stupid

I refer to: Singapore Gangster Vs Egypt ‘s “Mr Kebab”https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=757052274348090

Not surprised this is happening in SG, this kind of gangsterism. Our local dramas, I am realising, from Ch 8 ones like I Not Stupid, Lion Men etc. to Ch 5 ones like Phua Chu Kang and Police and Thief, etc. are all “promoting” a kind of “gangsterism”, or glorifying a sort of “ah beng” mentality.

It is a ‘beng’ mentality that PAP thinks is good to keep the populace stupid, not thinking, and basically lacking in full intellectual civility, and hence more prone to not question the barbaric state of affairs and the status quo. Not to mention, our “grandfather” himself was the ultimate “gangster” of the Lion City.

While American movies often portray heroes as those with special, supernatural powers, far from the everyday domain, for SG’s melo-dramas, it’s more about the “Beng” mentality, to make people question themselves: “do I want to be an obedient citizen, or do I want to be a beng?” when that dichotic situation just does not exists. I can be the most rebellious, outspoken critic of the government and the status quo, and yet a studious, law-abiding, even nerdy member of society.

The “beng” dichotomy works to:

1) label rebels in the same light as ‘beng’ to brandish a ‘gangster’/ ‘bad person’ connotation to any sort of dissent.

2) to let most citizens want to not disobey or question the govt, as they dont want to be ‘beng’/troublemaker.

3) result in people who dislike certain things they see becoming ‘beng’ and ‘fight’ with other members of society in a way to show their ‘rebellious’ nature and ‘make a stand’.

All of which are ugly, disgusting and less-than-normal assumptions that are portrayed as the truth in such explicitly-propagandistic dramas.

Sgc Ommoner


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