Ironic: S’poreans and M’sians always see themselves as superior

mole singapore malaysia tunnel copy.storyimage_0

You guys wanna know what is ironic?

Singaporeans and Malaysians always see themselves as superior than one another, and even worse, superior than the other nations in South East Asia.

Little do we all know that Singapore and Malaysia are still the only two countries in South East Asia where we are all referred to by their race. Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia – they all refer to each other as Indonesians, Vietnamese, Cockroach, Thais, Mayonnaise and Cambodians in general – regardless of their racial background.

We may be a developed nation, but deep inside all our heads, we are about as similar to monkeys.

Except for us though. We are Freemasons. That makes us more superior. Orang Utans to be exact.

Buto you all.


SMRT Ltd (Feedback)


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