Top Videos of 2014: CPF-begging, altar-destroying and dry-humping

Here, we take you through back in the year to see the interesting events that happened in 2014, in and outside Singapore.

No. 20: Student scolds teacher in class and demands apology:

No. 19: Reading event in protest of NLB’s ban of 3 children’s books:

No. 18: STB’s promotion video, that got sniped at by netizens for its glaring old-fashion-ness:

No. 17: 7 restaurants & 15 liquor shops have closed down after restriction of liquor sale in Little India:

No. 16: 26,000 take part in largest Pink Dot gathering since, despite protests from some groups:

No. 15: Arrogant Ex-Crossinvest Banker Anton Casey calls Singaporeans a ‘wuss’

No. 14: PM Lee and Opposition leader Low cross swords in Parliament:

No. 13: Workers’ Party’s National Day video 2014:

No. 12: PM Lee: We gave up dialects because we emphasised bilingual education:

No. 11: HK’s Umbrella Revolution: Pro-democractic protesters use umbrellas to shield against pepper spray

No. 10: Putin pits shawl over President Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan at APEC meeting, in what is seen as a flirtatious move:

No. 9: Xi receives Abe with awkward handshake at APEC:

No. 8: Knife-wielding man chops children in China:

No. 7: 76-year-old lady beg MP Hri Kumar to help her get back her CPF:

No. 6: Christian lady destroys Chinese prayer altars at void deck funeral:

No. 5: Human Tetris caused as escalator faults in one MRT station:

No. 4: Sim Lim Square stall operators force customer to pick up $1,000-refund in coins from the floor

No. 3: What really happened at Hong Lim Park: No ‘heckling’ by Roy and Hui Hui

No. 2: Emma Watson’s speech at the UN for a movement for gender equality:

No. 1: Appearance of Lee Kuan Yew at NDP 2014 despite talk that he may not be attending; he looked discernibly more frail though:


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