Let the Opposition win one-third in the coming GE

Former Malaysian PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi takes a sniff of a durian while his Singaporean counterpart Lee Hsien Loong inspects another specimen during a durian feast in Langkawi on May 15, 2007. — AFP file pic

Tun Abdullah Badawi resigned after his BN govt lost two-thirds majority in Parliament in Malaysia’s GE2008.

If you want Lee Hsien Loong removed from power, you should know what to do.

Then you would ask: LHL is so thick-skinned, he would not resign!

Well, in the event that he still does not back down, following such a huge setback, he would just look stupid and have ‘no face’, which will only let the PAP lose more confidence and esteem, giving the Opposition much more credit for future rounds, a revelation the PAP itself ought to pay for having such a leader.

It is a fact that the Opposition is set to win more seats, and not less, in the next GE, no matter how Lee Hsien Loong tries to phrase it. But the Opposition still will not win, no matter how Lee Hsien Loong tries to ‘scare’ you with it. We should know change takes time, and people don’t swing that much, that soon, that easily.

Of course, on our side, we hope the swing can be big. And even the biggest swing should only give the Opposition one-third of the seats at the next GE. Which is something we should all aim at – denying two-thirds majority to the PAP that will prevent it from further amending the Constitution!

Such a setback for the PAP would also mount pressure upon Lee Hsien Loong, its leader, as aforementioned. Resigning or not resigning would both deal tremendous damage to the PAP. It should also be a signal for them to have to change leader, failing which just proves our point of the need of changing the party, even more, because it is one that cannot renew itself, save itself and improve itself. All its ugly side would come out and wipe its previously ‘angelic’ and ‘God-like’ facade clean.

I already predicted that these are the targets we must get for a party takeover to be realised eventually while the Opposition builds up manpower and steam: win one-third for the coming GE, and then half at the next, and then finally take over govt at the following GE.

For that, we need the wisdom and action of the electorate of Singapore, together with those of the parties involved.

Sgc Ommoner


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