We are no. 1, but not because…

A pretty scene of Singapore's CBD. Image from: http://bit.ly/12y0bIU

A pretty scene of Singapore’s CBD. Image from: http://bit.ly/12y0bIU

And so we have clean streets in Singapore. But not because our people are cultured and gentle and don’t litter, but because cheap foreign labour or old uncles and aunties who cannot afford to retire, are toiling away cleaning them.

We have the best results for maths and science, but not because our people are really that smart after receiving one of the best education in the world, but because we have sacrificed a lot of other things to get those “results”.

Similarly, we have, for a small country like ours, spectacular performances in regional and international games, especially in table tennis, but not because our government has put in a lot into nurturing local sports talents, but because they buy in the “Team B” athletes from China.

We have one of the cleanest governments in the world, but not because we have the most honest and moral politicians, or that we have the best checks and balances that curb corruption, but “because” we pay them exuberant fees.

We have no fights in Parliament, but not because our politicians are the politest in the world, but because the opposing ones cannot get in.

And we have a weak political Opposition in Singapore, but not because the ruling PAP is doing a fantastic job and the people all have no qualms with its ruling, but because our people feel they have no other choice and are taught not to think otherwise.

We also have no protests in Singapore, but not because everyone is happy and everything is awesome, but because protests of even one man are illegal.

This is my country. How to be proud?

Sgc Ommoner

first world, for whom

We have tall buildings and a high GDP, but great income and wealth inequality.


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