Vote for change: bring Singapore to the next level

"Let's bring Singapore to the next level"

“Let’s bring Singapore to the next level”

No one is denying the good we have in Singapore. But do we want to bring Singapore to the next level, or do we want to get stuck here, and risk falling out in the not-so-distant future?

So yes, walk on and appreciate the clean streets, get your GST vouchers, even go to your SG50 parties, but remember that all these did not come easy. They had to come by with people power. The people need to be in charge, feel they are part of the game, and be recognised for our achievements.

If you do not see the PAP as a problem, ask yourself why the Opposition, then, will definitely be a problem? Why are you stopping Singapore from becoming better, from going one level higher? By having real democracy, to give the citizenry real power and say, so as to provide the check and balance necessary for any nation to flourish?

While you are admiring all the good and marvellous work around you, ask yourself how much of that is done solely by the PAP, and how much is done by the people themselves, the civil servants, the peasants, the cheap labour. Yes, you may think it is the good leadership of the PAP that brought that to play. But should it be given that much credit? Should its ministers be given that much remuneration? With that amount of talent? Or is it just an outdated party riding on the coat-tails of past achievements and infrastructure? And how long will it last? How long can it, with its worn-out synergy, continue to serve you well?

Dynasties come and go, but the people are always there. When you refuse to give someone else a chance, despite living in a state that calls itself a democracy, ask yourself why.

Sgc Ommoner


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